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is Infusing Little Hearts and Minds with Purpose... Experiencing the Knowledge and Joy of a Personal Living, Loving, Breathing Savior and Friend…


We at Abba’s Babies feel it is never too early to start hearing and seeing the Word of God in action.  Our desire is for all babies and children to not only hear the Word of God, but to experience the Word of God, especially through the heart of the Father behind the Scriptures.


We have literally taken God at His Word and Love and Believe Wholeheartedly in God’s Promises to us when He Declares that He Stands over His Words to Watch to Perform them and His Words Will Not Return Void and that we are to Train up a Child in the faith and natural bent of their character so that when they are older they will not depart from it and to suffer all the little Children to come unto Him by saturating these ideas and concepts into every aspect of our thinking behind and in creating every facet of our products and videos. 


Our products and videos are designed with the sole purpose of helping all babies and children establish a secure foundation of knowing and recognizing a Hands-on Lord who is truly involved with His creation, and their lives, even if they can’t always see or feel it, especially as they grow older.  


Our goal is to see every baby and child grow up Knowing, Living, Breathing and Walking in the Spirit of God and His Word.  We want to see every little one boldly take hold of God’s Personal Promises to them, found in His Word and fully know, beyond all shadow of a doubt, that there is a Loving, Personal God who wants to be a part of all aspects of their lives, no matter how big or small, because He Loves them and has made all provision for them through Jesus, His Son their Lord, Savior and Friend. 


You will find our products and video series offer these concepts and ideas through many inspiring, soothing, fun-filled collective montage interactions of babies, children, pregnant mommies, mommies & children, daddies & children, families, children art & Jesus, church symbols, animals, nature, puppets, games, toys, animation and a Real Loving Jesus that introduces babies and children to Himself, as a Personal Interactive Loving Savior and His Personal Promises to them, found Only in His Word, all presented in a loving cherished design.


Baby will enjoy this journey through the Spoken Word of God, Uplifting Classical Hymns and Baby Bible Songs, like "Jesus Loves Me" with music that is specially composed for baby and engaging puppet shows that expresses the wonderment of creation.



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